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Six Pack Mastery Audiobook


  • Discover the ultimate six-pack diet tricks for photoshoot abs
  • Shred abdominal fat with 5 minute ab sculpting workouts
  • Learn Priscilla’s personal hacks to reveal your six-pack  in half the time
  • BONUS: Discover mental strategies that put bodybuilding winners on stage
  • BONUS: Learn the ab sculpting secrets of top competitors
  • BONUS: Bio-hack to achieve abs like you see in the magazines

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Six pack abs are the ultimate showcase of a fit physique. Which is why international fitness superstar and co-founder of Body Spartan, Priscilla Tuft is about to breakdown the myths behind getting abs and give you the ultimate achiever’s strategy to being poolside ready with rippin’ abs min the shortest period of time possible.

One of the biggest secrets, is that you can crunch all day and night, yet still be devoid of the coveted washboard abs without the key factors that you are about to learn.

In order to tear into six pack success like savage, you absolutely MUST do some brain re-wiring. This is where we will start. When you have a clearly defined vision, you create a powerful platform for laser focused strategy execution! We will smash your limiting beliefs, quantify your goal and have a few laughs about my embarrassing habit. Our strategy will include your complete workout and diet, followed by the added value of unique mental strategies and competitor secrets that have been putting winners on stage for decades. And by the way, how would you like to get your hot little hands on my complete list of well-kept MILLION DOLLAR SIX PACK SECRETS?!

Up-level your abs and sculpt the ultimate six pack, today!

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